CARTEL Fletcher Fletching tool

CARTEL Fletcher Fletching tool

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  • Available immediately
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CARTEL Fletcher - Fletching Jig Device !!! BESTSELLER !!!

With this light and compact fletching device made of aluminium, you can easily make your own arrows yourself. With its straight clamp, it is suitable for fletching a shaft with 3 or 4 feathers and has a cam module.


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Test report

Customers tested various fletching devices for us - here is a test report on the CARTEL Fletcher fletching machine:

A very affordable entry-level device with solid workmanship. No matter which glue is used, the fletching can be easily carried out thanks to the inclined position. But I tend to use gel-like adhesives or fletching tape. Since glue that is too thin can run down the shaft to the nock. The fletching clamp has a very good clamping force. It can also be easily dismantled for cleaning if glue goes off. The holding magnet of the clamp is very strong, whereby the clamp is held very well. However, it is advisable to screw the device to a board through the two holes in the foot, as it tends to fall over very easily.
I noticed negatively that the centering wedge is too thick for the nock, whereby the plastic nocks can be put on only with difficulty and Self nocks tend to break open. Furthermore, the filigree detent for the angle of the springs is negative, as one can slip quickly from 3-fold feathering to 4-fold feathering. It is recommended to mark the angle or the snap-in point. I did that by tape, but you could also use a marker.

An overview of all test results can be found here: test report


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