BEITER Clearance Star

BEITER Clearance Star

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BEITER Clearance Star

How does the arrow actually leave the shelf?
Where does it touch the arrow rest, the button, the riser or even the hand?
Without high-speed camera footage, this could only be shown in a quite vague way.

Beiter Clearance Stars are contact indicators, which show where the bow and its accessories (plunger, arrow rest...) touch the arrow, while it leaves the bow.
With the Beiter Clearance Stars the Clearance Test can be done at really short distances (even only at 3m!).
Several Beiter Clearance Stars should be slid over the arrow shaft and aligned with the included tool. You can position several in a row from the arrow rest away to the end of the shaft, at any distance. After the shot, the Clearance Star will bend when touched, revealing any contact points.
The test can be repeated as many times with different settings until there are no longer any contact points.

Available for various arrow diameters:
Ø 4.5mm / color: pink - e.g. for X-10 arrows, ...
Ø 5.2mm / color: yellow - e.g. for ACE arrows, ACC xx00, Navigator 1000, ...
Ø 5.4mm / color: dark blue - e.g. for Navigator 710, ...
Ø 5.5mm / color: heavy green - e.g. for Navigator 610, ...
Ø 5.6mm / color: rosé - e.g. for Navigator 540, ...
Ø 8.34mm / color: violet - e.g. for 2114 arrows, ...
Ø 8.74mm / color: blue - e.g. for 2213 arrows, ...
Ø 9.07mm / color: white - e.g. for 2314 arrows, ...
Ø 9.22mm / color: black - e.g. for 2312 arrows, ...
Ø 9.26mm / color: red - e.g. for 2315 arrows, ...

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11 pieces, 1 tool


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