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1. Can I use carbon arrows with my Excalibur?
Carbon arrows are available in various weight classes. As long as the total weight is above our recommendation for our model (350 grains) and the outer diameter is big enough (.300 inch) you will get good shots. Are they also worth the surcharge compared to other arrows? Maybe, maybe not. They are definitely more torsion-resistant and have a slightly improved strike, but cost 1.5 to 2 times as much as aluminium arrows. Excalibur now sells a carbon shaft from Gold Tip which has the same outer diameter as shaft #22 (.343) and a similar weight to a 2213 arrow.

2. Which crossbow models has Excalibur produced in the past?
The first model Excalibur practically made by hand was the Relayer. Each model was unique. It was built from 1983 - 1985 using Daco fibreglass parts. In 1985 Daco went bankrupt and Excalibur had to sink with it or continue swimming alone. The founding family of the Excalibur brand took their family fortune ($1.85) and developed the world's best Darn-Limb system for crossbows. From 1985 to 1992, a model named Wolverine was on the market, with a wooden shaft and mostly camo. In 1992, Excalibur had earned enough money to afford the manufacturing equipment for the Exo series and the wood shaft was shelved.

3. Can I use Limb Saver on my Excalibur?
Limb Saver are resistant enough to stay on the crossbow limb. Even if you reduce the noise, we have noticed a reduction in speed of 10 to 12 fps when used as recommended by the manufacturer. It seems that you can reduce speed loss by positioning the Limb Saver closer to the shaft, but noise reduction will suffer.
4. I only have one arm to cock my Excalibur. Is there a way to use a rope cocking device aid tool?
It is possible to use our rope cocking device with one hand because it is extremely practical and simple to construct. First, keep the string so short that you have to pull it down about 2 inch to the second hook to attach it. Next, cut a 3/16 inch slot into a ¼" hole, which you drill with the 2 inch shaft from the tip through the connecting plate to the left side of the fabric for right- and opposite for left-hand users. Remember that the back (back) and handle of the rope cocking device must be located within this unit. To tension the bow, pull back one handle on the slot side and push it into the notch, then grab the opposite handle and pull it in to complete tensioning the bow. Works like magic, but it's easier done than said!
5. Can I use Fast Flight Strings with my older Excalibur model?
Fastflights are the deathblow for the limb on your crossbow, which was made before 2001 with carved limb tips because they have almost no extension to absorb the recoil. This will damage the limb tips after about 500 shots and will not even withstand a light arrow with less dryfire. The guarantee, therefore, does not apply to damage caused by the Fastflight. If the additional 15 fps are really important for you, you can upgrade with our Magtip Limbs, which can even handle the Fastfllight with a Dryfire.
6. How can I turn down my crossbow?
You can't make your crossbow really quiet in a simple and touching way, it's in the nature of things that noise is generated here because by definition it's irrational and this irrationality makes noise. But you can do a lot to reduce the noise! The best option here is to attach our new Dissipator damper pairs to your Limbs. They drastically reduce noise and vibration, but not at the expense of speed, as they are not attached to the limb. In addition, our Tunerz Silencers can help, but at a cost of 10 fps per pair. You can also attach soft rubber pads to the limb tips where the string hits the bottom of the string notch and the visible surface of the riser for additional noise reduction, which costs a few more fps. Our Flemish String also helps at only 2 fps speed loss, Limb Saver also, but at 12 fps. We conclude that noise reduction is not something you get for free unless you use our dB bars. So you have to decide - speed, silencing or a combination of the two. I don't know if this makes your decision easier or even more confusing, but that information comes directly from the source.  
7. My Excalibur arrows are without nocks. Are these missing?
The crossbow is built to use arrows that are flat and tight at the end. You can either use a plug type insert which cannot be used to take the arrow back from a target it has already drilled too deeply into, or use a CAP insert where this is possible. Moon nocks are taboo, as they have absolutely no purpose and could put the string under the arrow if you don't adjust them properly. If we keep in mind that the meaning is more important than the appearance, we stick to using CAP inserts. The reason rear inserts are threaded is so that our T-grip arrow puller can be screwed into the end of the arrow to remove it from the target.
8. I'd have to invite my two brothers so I can stretch my crossbow. What am I doing wrong?
The trick in pulling is simple: if you have to put in a lot of effort, you make a mistake! The trick is to keep your feet close together, one foot in the stirrup and one limb tip on the floor. If you now bend forward and grab the other limb as close as possible to the tip with both hands, your weight will automatically lie on the foot in the stirrup. Fall WITHOUT BENDING YOUR ARMS towards the limb on the floor and let your own weight lever the limb and release the string. Simple, isn't it? Next time the stringer works even better! Good luck!

9. How often should I relax my Excalibur?  
You don't always have to relax your crossbow when you use it, but it would thank you if the libs were loosened at least between seasons if you don't use them. The most important thing is that you NEVER leave the string tension when your crossbow is exposed to great heat, e.g. in a car in the summer sun! Also, remove the dissipator damper pairs before relaxing your crossbow. Otherwise, the pairs could break and you would have to buy new ones.
10. What is the correct height distance for my Excalibur?
Ideally, your Excalibur should measure between 1 inch and 1.5 inch from the string, when at rest, to the connection between the deck and riser. If the string is too close to the riser, simply turn it a little to shorten it and it will move back. If you own a newer model, you will notice 2 lines attached to the top of the main frame. The string should sit somewhere between these two lines. If there is only 1 line on your main frame, the string can sit up to 3/8 inch on either side of the line.

11. Are there hard-shell cases for crossbows?
Yes, you can find various models in our online shop.
12: I accidentally fired my crossbow dry, what should I check to make sure nothing was damaged?
Check the entire crossbow for damage. Look for cracks in the limbs, damaged tips or loose brackets. If everything looks OK, it probably is.
13. What types of broadheads should I use on my Excalibur crossbow?
We recommend small to medium broadheads (100 grains).

14. My arrow feathers seem to be bent or damaged, what should I do?
Hold the arrow feathers above water steam for a few seconds. This will remove the worst kinks.

15. My string is too short and I cannot use my rope cocking device. Do I have a wrong string?
Adjust and shorten your rope cocking device by pulling the string through one of the plastic ends. If the string is shortened, the limb can be pulled back further and the string can be tensioned. After you have shot your crossbow a few times, the string will stretch to the desired height.
16. When I use my rope cocking device or my Crankaroo, the hooks jump up on the deck and I can't tension my crossbow.
The reason why the hooks jump on top of the deck is that the string was not positioned over the notch, but simply under the shaft.

17. Can I keep my crossbow stretched all day?
It is no problem to keep your crossbow stretched for a whole day, this is one of the main advantages of the Recurve Limb System. For your own safety, however, the crossbow should be relaxed overnight or between uses.
18. How do I feather Excalibur arrows with a fletching device?
Glue a suitable nock for your feathering device to an 8/32 screw, then screw it into the rear insert. Now the arrow should fit into your feathering device like any other.
19. Excalibur arrows have feathers of three various colours, which one is the guide feather?
Since we use flat inserts on our arrows instead of nocks, you can mount all the feathers in the track, so there is no guide feather.

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