SET RAGIM Matrix - 66-70 inch - 14-40 lbs - Take Down Recurve Bow

SET RAGIM Matrix - 66-70 inch - 14-40 lbs - Take Down Recurve Bow

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SET RAGIM Matrix - 66-70 inch - 12-40 lbs

The wooden bow, which can be disassembled into 3 parts, with fine wood lamination and fiberglass-reinforced limbs is available in various lengths and draw weights.
The RAGIM Matrix Riser made of dark lacquered wood is not only visually pleasing, it also fits well in the hand and is ideal for beginners, not only because of its light weight.
For archers who want to equip their bow with further accessories, the Riser already has a sight, stabilizer and button socket (5/16 x 24).

Available as a right and left handed bow.

Technical data:
Bow length: 66, 68 or 70 inches (@25 inch Riser).
Draw weight: 12-40 lbs (in 2 lbs increments).

Our recommendation for bow length:

Body height

under 120 cm

120-135 cm

135-150 cm

150-160 cm

161 - 167 cm

168 - 175 cm

from 176 cm

bow length

54 inch

58 inch

62 inch

64 inch

66 inch

68 inch

70 inch

As a basic principle:
It is better to choose a slightly longer bow, as it is more forgiving of mistakes in shooting technique.

Our recommendation for draw weight:

Draw weight for males:
14-20 lbs. for youngsters up to 12 years
20-28 lbs. for infrequent sportsmen
28-32 lbs. for athletic men
32-40 lbs. for active sportsmen

Draw weight for women:
10-16 lbs. for youth up to 12 years
16-24 lbs. for infrequent athletes
24-28 lbs. for athletic women
28-34 lbs. for active female athletes

Girls more likely to be 2 lbs less than boys.
Athletic strong children tend to be 2-4 lbs more than petite children.

Instructions for archery with recurve bows:


Hand: Right HandLeft Hand
: 11-20 lbs21-30 lbs31-40 lbs
: 66 Zoll68 Zoll70 Zoll
Shipping weight: 1,50 kg
Item weight: 1,20 kg

Right-handed or left-handed?

Determination of the draw hand

The draw hand is the hand that pulls the string. This means that a right-handed bow is held in the left hand and drawn with the right hand.

Determining your personal draw hand has far less to do with whether you are left-handed or right-handed than you might initially assume. It is much more about determining the dominant eye. The dominant eye is used for aiming. This then automatically results in the draw hand.

The term dominant eye refers to the eye whose visual information is superimposed on everything. If a shooter tried to aim with the other eye, he would have to close the dominant eye.

There are two ways of determining the dominant eye: On the one hand, it is the eye that is generally favoured, for example when looking through the viewfinder of a camera, through the peephole or similar situations. On the other hand, there is a small exercise that can be used to determine the dominant eye beyond doubt:

  • The arms are stretched out and a triangle is formed with the thumbs and index fingers of both hands.
  • A small target is aimed at through the triangle, for example a socket or a cupboard knob. Focus on this object.
  • The hands are now slowly brought towards the face without taking the target object out of focus.
  • The triangle of thumb and index fingers will involuntarily tend towards one side of the face and this is where the dominant eye is located.

If the dominance of the eye and hand do not match, the bow should still be selected according to eye dominance. The arms can be easily retrained for the new draw hand, but not the eye.

More information on choosing the right type of bow, the right draw weight and the right arrows can be found here: A brief introduction to archery


Setting the nocking point

The nocking point is a small brass ring that we attach to the string. This marks the correct position of the arrow on the string and helps to quickly find this optimum point again. The arrow is usually nocked under the nocking point. The nocking point itself is of course included in this service and does not need to be ordered separately.

Pre-assembly of attachments

We will assemble all ordered attachments for you (sight, arrow rest, stabiliser, peep sight, string loop, nocking point if required) and prepare the assembly so that you only need a few simple steps to get the bow ready to shoot after receiving the goods.


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